About Governor Bojie Dy:

Governor Faustino "Bojie" G. Dy III's rise to the leadership of the Province of Isabela was the result of three decades of continuous exposure in the realm of public service. In 1980, Bojie, as he is commonly known, was voted as Chairman of the Kabataan Barangay for District 1 of then Municipality of Cauayan, Isabela at the tender age of 19. This lead to his stint as Punong Barangay of District 1, Municipality of Cauayan from 1989 to 1992. Concurrent to his position as Punong Barangay, Bojie was also elected as President of the Association of Barangay Captains ("ABC").

Three years after, Bojie clinched the Mayoralty seat of then Municipality of Cauayan, a position he held for three (3) consecutive terms. As the Mayor of Cauayan, Bojie was appointed as Ex-Officio Member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and he was also elected as President of the League of Municipalities, Isabela Chapter. As Mayor of Cauayan, Bojie lobbied and successfully ushered Cauayan into cityhood. In 2001, the Municipality of Cauayan became the City of Cauayan.

Not content, Bojie took his place as the Representative for the Third Legislative District of the Province of Isabela for three consecutive terms in the House of Representatives.

In 2010, Bojie was elected as Governor of Isabela. Under his leadership, Bojie is paving the way in making Isabela as a world-class agro-industrial and eco-tourism development. He also hopes to build a solid foundation to ensure the economic stability, ecological balance, peace and order, and security of the province together with the delivery of basic services to all IsabeliƱos.

Under his leadership, the Province of Isabela is gearing up towards taking its place in the history of the nation as one of the major contenders in commercial and industrial market. This is his vision for the Province and given his track record, there is no doubt that Bojie can lead the way to its realization.

Governor's Messages:


This is perhaps the one message that I, as the Father of the Province of Isabela, would like to get across to the 1.5 Million Isabelinos who yearn for genuine attention and affection from the Provincial Government. It is also my way of welcoming participants from the private sector, as well as movers of local and international trade and industry to explore the Bojie Dy-Rodito Albano Administration's opportunities for partnerships and growth and expansion in the fields of agriculture, agro-industrialization, and agricultural modernization; education and social welfare; health and the environment; eco-tourism; infrastructure and the stabilization of the investment climate.

Under our watch, these opportunities abound, and anyone who is willing to partner with the province in any of these opportunities can be assured of firm and sound policy-making on the part of government, a wealth of natural resources courtesy of a richly-endowed province, and a rare human capital whose literacy is among the highest in the country and whose diligence, resilience, and ingenuity, keep Isabela's economic prowess anchored, and whose cultural traditions assure partakers of Isabela's beauty, bounty, and bliss the warmth and optimism of new beginnings.

Let us walk you through these corridors of opportunities. This Official Website of the Province of Isabela shall steer you through the many facets of the Queen Province of the North, and lure you towards the boroughs that will reveal the interesting stages of growth and diverse options that can entice you to join our walk towards a future we have designed for ourselves and that we deserve a future that puts the Province ahead in the race for agro-industrial domination in this side of the Pacific while protective of the ecological balance of Isabela.

We hope to be hand in hand with you as we fill up new pages in Isabela's chronicles. Cheers and Mabuhay!


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